Married To A Fink. Part One


It was an hour after crepuscular, the moon was vibrantly radiating reflected light rays , blessing our murky Earth, blending with synthetic rays, and a kaleidoscopic patterns of lights is seen. Mother nature, breathed serene, pacific and cool air which splashed on Ameer, a sweet sensation crawling inside him.He was exhilarated; a cauldron of bliss, excitement, curiosity, as he alighted his new Range Rover which he was driving for the first time. A gift from his mother, presented to him today, his wedding day. A new day ,a new car ,a new house, a new wife ,a new life. Masha Allah

The gatekeeper ran to him, as he tried to carry the big bag stashed with assorted snacks ,drinks and food. It was the first night.
He asked him not to bother , gave him two notes of one thousand naira. A bright expression splashed on his broad face, his breathing increased in tempo. What? This reaction for just two thousand naira?
He gave him a bundle: One hundred thousand naira.
He stopped thanking , looked the money and then Ameer saw tears in his eyes.

Ameer left him speechless and walked to the front door of the mansion. The front yard was spacious, bedecked and endowed with a long parking space with posh cars juxtaposition. Three were for bride.
He opened the front door and said the salam , heard no reply, then walked into the gargantuan living room, expensively furnished. He ascended the stairs, appreciating the architectural prowess and ambidexterity displayed, the enigmatic interpretation by building technologists and civil engineers.
He loved his new home....their new home.

He stopped before the bedroom door, prayed, then said,"Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah."
The mellifluous voice that replied sent a shiver through him, a voice that was smooth, natural, and honey sweet.
He opened the door and walked into the big room and found her sitting on the bed: his wife.

" You are the most beautiful woman on Earth." He said and he meant it.
She widened her lips into a ravishing smile, that shone so bright and obliterated the electric lights. A powerful smile that made him defile gravitational law, damn W= mg. He was floating, and breathing lilac and exhaling jasmine.
She sat at the edge of the bed, a small white teddy bear resting on her laps, while she placed her slim hands on it. The golden bracelets ,adorned with diamond stones sparkled, synchronizing with the designs on her hands and legs.

This was Ameerah, his new wife.
She was a quintessence of unadulterated beauty. She was slim and broad at the middle, giving her a model like glitter. Her skin was as smooth as mirror, like a new product just out of its nylon pack.
Her eyes were large, immaculate white with very dark iris. When she blinked, the long natural eyelashes looked like they were displaying in a circus. Her nose was slim and a bit long, perfectly placed above pink cattleya orchid full lips.Her oval shaped face was set into soft spot which made him wonder if there was anything more attractive than her.

Her hair was simply made into a pigtails, shiny, silky and long. Acuce maza? No!
He went and gently placed the items on a table, carried a bowl of ice cream then moved slowly, a smile planted on his face ,and sat on the floor before her.
" Your majesty, I am your humble servant here to serve you. The palace has outlined my duties: I am to love you unconditionally, make sure I protect your happiness and never let it go far. I am to provide your needs, both material, abstract and emotional.
I have been ordered to make you smile and laugh, pamper you and feed you ice cream, massage you, bath you and carry you to bed when you feel too tired. I have also been appointed to assist in kitchen, and help you in morning exercise.
They said I double as a bodyguard and a company to beautiful places. When you need someone to lean on, I will be there. If you need a friend to talk to, I am there. I could be a pedagogue, or an apprentice, I could be anything but with much love and care.
Allah has joined us together, I pray He gives us the strength to adhere to His rules. This is my small world. Welcome my queen. I hope you will not be disillusioned."
She said nothing, just looking at him then a she closed her eyes.

He uncovered the ice cream.
Two thin streams of tears ran down her dimpled cheeks. Tears of joy? " Ameer, what I want to say is deep from my heart. Thank you for your sweet words. Words that every sane girl needs to hear from her husband. You are handsome and caring. You have all a woman dreams of and I consider any girl who marries you lucky.

But I hate you, Ameer. You brought nothing but doom into my life. I stopped living the day I met you.You took away my joy, you ruined my life. I was happy before you came, you will never get love from me....never Ameer. The more I see you, the more I hate you."

Inna lillahi wa'inna ilaihi raji'un (from Allah we come and to Him we will return).
Literary, he began to hear a ringing sound, not sure if it was from his head, ear or heart. Something in his head began to swirl, his heart ached but something kept saying it was all auditory hallucination.
" I don't get it. But I asked you if you were interested or not." He said, flummoxed.
" You did and I said I was. Mum is hypertensive. She did not force me to marry you but I knew she wanted it. If I had refused, she would not have forced me but I will hurt her. You asked me if I loved you or not, I said I did but actions speak louder than voice, they say. You never saw that passion in me or any sign of love. I began to hate my name because of the similarity with yours."
She burst into tears, crying hysterically. What ! He tried to calm her, then the subliminal messages began to inchoate but it was too late. He had thought she was just too shy. Her lackadaisical response was born out of hatred. How could he have been so blind?
He never wanted it at first too, but he fell in love with her. Their parents were friends. Her mother was his mother's childhood friend. He remembered the first day his mother told him about her. He rejected the idea. He hated fixed marriages. She asked him to meet her. He did and fell for her.
He asked her if she was okay with it, he did not want it to be a one sided love, he could not wish for any girl to get married to one she did not love. But he was wrong. Ya Rahman!
She was crying profusely. He tried to calm her, hold her hand but the touch was like igniting a raging fire which metamorphosed into a virulent inferno.
She swayed her hands and hit him, collected the bowl of ice cream and slammed it on his face. If he had not quickly closed his eyes, It could have been more pernicious. She then sprang up, completely ballistic ,went to the table and scattered the stuff he brought on the floor, crying and vituperating.
He was trying to wipe the ice cream off his face. Some of it slipped into his mouth but all he felt was a bitter taste. 

" You brought all these rubbish because you want to have me. Over my dead body!"
He stood befuddled, not uttering a word as he tried to wake up from this nightmare. But the fact remained: this was for real.

She ran into the toilet, crying and slammed the door. The clicking sound told him that she locked it. She rather be in the toilet than be with him.
His phone rang and he picked it, still feeling the cold on his face. It was Amaar, his twin brother.
They got married at the same time. They were identical twins. Amaar got married to Ameena,a girl he had been dating for years. Ameer was not lucky to have a girl like Amaar so when mom suggested that he got married to Ameerah, he did not object.
" Guy, I know it's a faux pas to call now but I could not wait. Hope she can't hear me." He said, sounding excited.
" No. I'm alone." He said trying to sound perky.
" Maza, why didn't we get married since? Muna ta kona soyayya ( We are in a romantic mood). "
" Same here, bro." He lied, happy for him.
He paused."What is wrong with you, bro?"
This was one guy who was his lie detector. He could hardly lie to him successfully and vice versa. Telling him it was all hunky-dory was a cockamamie and he would detect. He could not let his travail thwart his first night.
Amaar had the right to be happy and he was going to make sure he did. 'Ya Allah, hide my troubles from him' he prayed. This was a secret he was ready to keep from everyone, including his twin brother. But it was not possible to tell him it was all well, so he had to give another reason.
" I just got lassitude from stress, bro, Inajin ciwon kai ( I got a headache)."
" Bro, this is not the night to fall sick. Get Panadol Extra and bounce. I have to go. She is coming."
“I am happy for you ,bro. I pray you enjoy that for the rest of your life' he prayed in his heart and smiled, with hot tears flowing down his cheeks.

She spent the night there. This was his first wedding night.

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