WHY I CHOOSE TO CONTEST UNDER A.P.C - Adamu Garba II, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant

"It may surprise alot of people that am contesting for Nigeria's presidency under #APC Political platform. But if you want to fix the country (Nigeria), if you want to address the issues that we have, the identity crisis, the supply line challenges, joblessness and all other things. We need to preserve our precious institutions, part of our precious institutions is our Democratic Institution.

If you check from the first republic of Nigeria, the same political parties are the same parties that metamorphose into what gave rise to the second republic, the same political parties metamorphosed into Third Republic, and now we have the republic that we are in, which is the Fourth republic they are the same political parties.

So, I don't believe that the entire political parties structure is bad in Nigeria. What I believe is, the people inside the political party are making it look bad.

So, if we truly want to win election, we have to associate with the platforms that are actually carrying out the institutional history of our Democracy.

Which I believe the APC and PDP have these relevant histories. So, we cannot altogether see APC or PDP, because these guys are bad because they have stole, they do this, they do that and then we stay from the pathway and start pointing fingers and then say they are bad, and then we need to go to another party, we are not doing the right thing for the country's history.

We need to preserve our precious monument by putting the right people inside those platforms. So if you truly want to make change, you start from a political party.
And the second thing is that, my own candidacy for the Presidency is not on the premise of becoming the president for the young people and all those young ideas because I have a superior manifesto.

And I believe if APC adapt that manifesto its going to transform the entire country especially under my leadership. And that is why our contesting is not for the young but for everybody.

I don't want to confront, and am not confronting our elders, I believe there are serious responsible people among them.
I believe that we can disagree in the same parlour as a common people than when I stay from outside the window and start pointing fingers to the face of my elders....."

Adamu Garba is a vibrant and promising Nigerian youth, aspiring for the sit of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 2019. You can read his full biography here.

You can contribute towards making this vision a reality by volunteering your time and effort on the campaign trail. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.
WHY I CHOOSE TO CONTEST UNDER A.P.C - Adamu Garba II, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant WHY I CHOOSE TO CONTEST UNDER A.P.C - Adamu Garba II, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant Reviewed by AbuZahra Ahmad on March 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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