Our Policy On Tertiary Education - Adamu Garba, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant

At the tertiary level, we propose to have 4 federal universities controlled by the Federal Government. With these 4, we’ll set a world class standard to be imitated by other universities in the country.
University of Nigeria Nsukka, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, University of Ibadan and University of Lagos will make up our 4 model universities. The strategy to be employed is such that the best students from the unity schools and secondary schools will be admitted into these Universities. The schools are going to be strictly for the most brilliant students in the country, such that can measure up with the likes of Oxford and Harvard Universities.
We propose a university curriculum that enhances theoretical and experimental learning. Professionals in different industries will be hired as guest lecturers to groom the students in the experimental aspects of the curriculum. Through this, students get to expand their horizons beyond just theories and months of internship as they have firsthand knowledge being transmitted from professional actors in their respective fields of study.
Unlike what we have today in our tertiary institutions, the system we propose will be modelled around a curriculum that is relevant and conforms with today’s global economy. The system will produce world class and highly skilled individuals who can fit into relevant industries and automatically boost manpower resources.
As a continuation on our Education System policy, we will create a board that will involve industry actors and tertiary institution’s administrators together to formulate some curricula that is relevant to industry requirement to bridge the gap between what is been thought and skills industry demands. We will further reform current JAMB, upgrade the technology infrastructure and make it Nigeria Central Assessment and Examination Center where all questions, assessment and examinations will be done online via this center. Questions will be set centrally and will be universal across all courses of study in all our universities. A permanent unique universal login ID will be provided to all students at point of admission for assessment, record keeping and examinations. This we believe will assist in achieving the following:
1. Student will accurately get their results according to their performances.
2. Lecturers duty on students will only be to teach and nothing else, since assessment and examination will be central, no need for lecturer failing students unnecessary.
3. Sexual exploitation done to our young women by some lecturers will cease to exist completely.
4. Students only need to focus on getting the right result without the need to bribe or beg lecturers for marks.
5. There will be sanity, accountability and students record all the time when its needed. Since the provided unique ID will remain with the students permanently and it will be available within the portal database.
6. Certificates will still be issued from the institution the student graduates relative to the outcome of the examination result from the center.
7. Companies will hire the right person with right skills, no need to faking any certificate no more, since all record will be available within the database for verification.
Note: all Course/departmental/other registrations will still be handled by the institutions.
Together We can build a nation of our dream, Let’s Keep Marching Forward to 2019.

Adamu Garba is a vibrant and promising Nigerian youth, aspiring for the sit of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 2019. You can read his full biography here.

You can contribute towards making this vision a reality by volunteering your time and effort on the campaign trail. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.
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