Our Policy On Technology - Adamu Garba, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant

The use of Digital technology to revolutionize every Sectors of the economy across the world is increasingly a strategic theme. The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.
Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft are among the most valuable listed firms in the world as they collectively racked up over $25bn in net profit in the first quarter of 2017. Over the years, the Nigerian Government has been overly reliant on the contribution of Oil to the economic growth of the nation and the heavy dependence on the export of oil has not only negatively affected the country’s social, economic and political development, it also led to the neglect of the agricultural sector which was the main stay of the economy before the discovery.
Our policy aims to look beyond the oil sector to focus on harnessing the power of digital technologies and data in sweeping transformations across every economic sector and to meet the expectations of Nigerians that are capable of thinking and producing innovative ideas that are capable of keying into the 4th industrial revolution.
Additionally, we aim to leverage the use of technology in the following;
  • Providing relevant infrastructure in the industrial sector that will connect with other economic sectors to address the institutional void that exists between buyers and sellers.
  • Urbanization of 9 states.
  • Creating massive energy infrastructure to power our homes and industries.
  • Modernization of our maritime and inland water ways.
  • Enabling the average Nigerian have access to Food Shelter, clothing and good health care policy
  • To increase our skilled capacity from the current 9% to 35%
  • Modernization of aviation infrastructure to meet global safety standards thus increasing the use as a means of transport.
Many countries are leveraging the use of technology as an important enabler of revenue generation and we look to emulate these countries, we believe these actions will foster economic growth, reduce poverty to the barest minimum and enable the average Nigerian live above at least N3,500 per day.

Adamu Garba is a vibrant and promising Nigerian youth, aspiring for the sit of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 2019. You can read his full biography here.

You can contribute towards making this vision a reality by volunteering your time and effort on the campaign trail. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.
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