Our Industrialization Policy - Adamu Garba, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant

We used to have what was Africa’s fastest growing economy but today we struggle to sustain the economy. Recently, Nigeria experienced an economic recession which caused lots of damages, lots of jobs were lost and till date many Nigerians have been unable to recover from the losses incurred.

We recognize that this is a problem that can re-emerge in the future and our plan is to implement industrial policies that can prevent this.

In Abuja today, we have people in government parastatals enjoying the dividends of others who are working in other states. We plan to have a system that has all hands on deck. We’ll be discontinuing the “Geo-political zones” we have today and we’ll implement “Geoeconomic” zones. We will employ a strategy whereby, 9 states will be urbanized, especially the states across our shoreline. States like Cross River, Bayelsa, AkwaIbom, Rivers and Lagos will be urbanized and these states will also serve as our shoreline energy production zone. The purpose of this is to economize our shoreline effectively, this way the Lagos ports becomes less rowdy and operations can run smoothly through other shoreline states.

Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Kebbi, Adamawa, Borno and some parts of Kano and Jigawa will become our inland energy production zone.

Plateau, Kaduna, Niger, Kwara, Kogi, Osun, and Ekiti states are agricultural zones. We are going to tap into the agricultural resources we have in these zones and make the most of it, we are not going to embark on small scale agricultural projects but major projects that can yield returns enough to boost our economy by a wide margin.

Our plan is to implement an agricultural policy that will facilitate large scale agriculture for industrial purpose.

We recognize that the creative industry is a multi- billion dollar industry in today’s world and we know that we have many creative Nigerians from musicians to actors, writers and other forms of entertainment and this sector won’t be left out of our industrial policies. Piracy is the biggest problem faced by the Nigerian entertainment industry and we plan to put a complete stop to this criminal act. We plan to implement strong copyright rules and establish an effective task force to bring pirates to book.

By means of this, content produced by Nigerians will be protected and the actors will get the right dividends for their investments. A structured entertainment industry will also attract foreign investors and this will put our entertainers in the forefront of marketing their indigenous content to the world.

It is not new in Nigeria to see old and retiring entertainers begging to be crowd funded to cater to their health needs, we plan to put implement an effective health scheme that can cater to our entertainers after they retire or grow old.

Adamu Garba is a vibrant and promising Nigerian youth, aspiring for the sit of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the year 2019. You can read his full biography here.

You can contribute towards making this vision a reality by volunteering your time and effort on the campaign trail. Click here to sign up as a volunteer.
Our Industrialization Policy - Adamu Garba, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant Our Industrialization Policy - Adamu Garba, Nigeria's 2019 Youngest Presidential Aspirant Reviewed by AbuZahra Ahmad on March 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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