Ishaku James Barde, The Right Man For Askira Uba/Hawul

We are of the opinion that the people of Askira-Uba/Hawul need a young and intelligent man to steer the affairs of the constituency. That person is no other than Ishaku James Barde.

He is young, energetic and relevant in our today’s world. He is sure to bring Askira-Uba/Hawul to the limelight.

Askira-Uba/Hawul definitely needs a change. We will not get this change if we keep electing and recycling outdated politicians. The same set of people have ruled us since democracy, but things have never being on the better side for Askira-Uba/Hawul; infact, things are getting worse everyday.

We should not fold our hands and watch this people send Askira-Uba/Hawul to the dungeon. We need to wake up from our slumber and demand for that which is the best for us.

Indeed, with Ishaku James, there is hope and a better future for Askira-Uba/Hawul.

Today, Ishaku James is an aspirant and hopefully will become the flag bearer of APC in the forthcoming General election as a Member, Federal House of Representative, Askira-Uba/Hawul constituency.

There are many reasons why we believe that Ishaku James is the best option for Askira-Uba/Hawul to move forward.


You will agree with me that the main problem bedeviling our constituency in particular, and Nigeria in general is that of leaders who are FANATICS. These leaders are always out to suppress those who are not in the same line of religion, political party, region, tribe or kindred with them. Such people are witch-hunters and not leaders. But in the case of Ishaku James, he is not fanatical. He doesn’t care if you are Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. He doesn’t want to know the political party you belong to. To him, religion does not matter. Whether Christian, Muslim, traditionalist, he is just interested in knowing you are a Nigerian and that’s all that matters.


Ishaku James is young, energetic, strong and dynamic. With God, he will serve the people of Askira-Uba/Hawul confidently. He is a man destined to be a leader.


Leadership requires skill and vision and these are both things that ISHAKU James possess.


Ishaku James is known to be a jovial jolly good fellow. My close interaction with people close to him suggests he is a very kind man who loves interacting lovingly with his people. ATIKU’S

We call upon the people of Askira-Uba/Hawul to unite and vote this visionary, young, talented, detribalized, hardworking and transparent aspirant.

Vote wisely and vote for Ishaku James Barde as Member, Federal House of Representatives, to represent Askira-Uba/Hawul Constituency. He sure is the man who is ready to make good the future of the people of Askira-Uba/Hawul.
Ishaku James Barde, The Right Man For Askira Uba/Hawul Ishaku James Barde, The Right Man For Askira Uba/Hawul Reviewed by AbuZahra Ahmad on March 09, 2018 Rating: 5

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