Get 24 Amazing e-books At A Give Away Price

Get all the following amazing e-books at a give away price.

1. A Guide to Tomato Production, Processing and Marketing.

This book is a resource every practicing or intending tomato producer should lay his/her hand on. It provides practical and detailed information on cultivation, harvesting, storing, processing and marketing of tomatoes. It also covers aspects of seed selection and conservation, integrated pest management methods and record keeping.

2. A Beginners Guide to Poultry Production and Management.

This resource provides you with practical and detailed information on production and management of poultry. It also covers aspects of disease control, documentation and management.

3. Business Plan on Poultry Farming.

This is a sample business plan that every intending poultry farmer should lay his/her hands on. It is available in Microsoft word format, so you can easily edit and customize it to your taste.

4. A Beginners Guide to Exportation

This resource provides you with information you really need to kick start your exportation business. It is a well known fact that the rise in the value of the dollar against the naira has made the business of exportation much more profitable.

5. How to Grow Any Business

This resource provides you with the basic fundamental tools that enables you to take control, create a competitive edge and market yourself and your business more efficiently.

6. In Pursuit of Wealth.

This resource is written to meet the requirements of people who desire to achieve greater heights in life. It covers profound and dynamic truths conveyed in few potent words that kindle a renewed sense of awareness of our limitless latent inner resources waiting to burst into the open. It comprises practical expressions that have the potential to bring success, health, wealth and enduring happiness.

7. A Beginners Guide to Creating an Online Business.

This resource provides you with information necessary for kick starting your online business. Internet era has brought a sea change in the concept of marketing as well as has widened the horizon for individuals/ companies to sell their products/concepts/services to the world almost instantaneously. This has simultaneously given a scope to the enterprising individuals to earn the extra buck to enhance glory to their lifestyle. The key advantage is that one gets potential clients all over the world and one can communicate his ideas to the furthest corner of the world almost without any time delay. We will discuss some of the key areas how an individual as well as a company benefits.

8. Intimate Sexual Issues

This resource guides you towards understanding the basis of sexual issues. This is something that must be understood before any assumption can be made on its impact on the sex life of an individual one way or another.

9. Natural Cures

Most disease and illness is preventable and curable using natural substances. It's been said that every ailment we face as human beings can be remedied with something in nature. Sometimes it may be bark, leaves, or flowers. Other times it may be an herb, root, or fungi.

This resource is a compilation of tried and true remedies that have been handed down through the ages. As many people are trying to get back to nature and use more raw materials instead of processed poisons, this guide may help you with a cure or remedy for something that ails you.

10. The Art Of Selling

Getting into any business requires you to do one thing – sell something. It’s not just about businesses though; even if you are just working for an employee, you are selling your talent and your skills.

The best profits come in when you are able to sell things in the right way. This resource helps you do that effectively.

You also get the following bonus as e-books.

11. A Beginners Guide to Soap Production

13. Think and grow rich

14. Understanding income statements


16. 1869 Leadership Quotes – Timeless Truths

17. Real Estate Investment Secrets

18. Quit Smoking right Now

19. 200 Problem Solving Tips

20. Money Lessons for All Ages

21. Lean Manufacturing

22. Overcoming Procrastination

23. Drones

24. Public Speaking For Beginners.

How To Order These Amazing e-books
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The moment we receive your SMS and confirm your payment online, the e-Books will be delivered into your email box (in PDF format) within 60 minutes. 

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