Nothern Youths Forum Insist October 1 Igbo quit notice stands unchanged

Northern youth under the auspices of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum insist the October 1 quit notice issued to Igbo people remains unchanged.

President of the forum, Shatima Yerima, who disclosed this at the Coalition of Northern Groups town hall meeting in Kano, said contrary to speculations that the forum would relax the notice, the noticed remained October 1.

He said, “We will not use force to drive anybody out of the northern region but whoever wants secession is free to leave the region and those who want to stay in Nigeria are welcome by the forum because that what we stand for.”

He explained that the position of the forum was very clear, saying “our stand is that whoever wants pull out of Nigeria is free to do so. We have no problem with that. The agitators of Biafra are doing their bidding and we in the north are also doing ours.”

Also speaking at the meeting, President of the Arewa Citizen Action for Change, Nastura Ashir Shariff, said, “Based on the advice of some notable northern people, we have decided to expand the agitation to tackle challenges of drugs abuse, security, unemployment and economy that have been affecting the region for a very long time.”
Sheriff assured that northern youth would continue with the struggle in order to build a brighter future for themselves and the unborn generation, saying, “if we fail to do it, who else will do it for us?

“Take for instance the issue of drug abuse in the north; we have discovered that it was a deliberate effort by some people to destroy the north. It is so because the future of the region largely depends on its youth and if the youth are pushed into drugs abuse automatically, the future of the region is destroyed.”

On the Igbo quit notice, Shariff said the northern youth had done their own part by presenting their case to the federal government and the United Nation for further necessary actions.

“We have written a letter to the acting President Yemi Osinbajo stating our position in details. We have also presented evidences including video clips to the United Nation containing visual of the leader for the emancipation of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu insulting northerners and calling us with all sort of bad names under the guise of agitations.

“So, we have made our stand clear. Now is left for the United Nations, federal government and the agitators to settle the matter. If the United Nation approve for the creation of Biafra fine, if not it is not our own problems,” he said.
Nothern Youths Forum Insist October 1 Igbo quit notice stands unchanged Nothern Youths Forum Insist October 1 Igbo quit notice stands unchanged Reviewed by AbuZahra Ahmad on August 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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